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Welcome to Big E Construction Beam Hoist Hire

What a Big E Crane can do

  • Lift up to 2000kg
  • Quick unload to gantry
  • Fully remote controlled
  • Work to heights of 25 metres
  • Lift directly from transport and offload to multiple floors
  • Quick feed to gantry – 20 to 25 metres per minute
  • Fast and reliable with 100% duty ratings for continuous use

All Big E Cranes:

  • Can lift to 25 metres.
  • Can lift their full rated load at 2.5 metres outreach on unsupported cantilever jibs.
  • Are robust and reliable.
  • Are remote controlled at and from any level by press-button pendant control.
  • Can be mounted with typically 2 to 5 metres between front support scaffold standards enabling the handling of long, tall and awkward loads.
  • Can be mounted typically 4 to 5 metres above top landing level to allow handling of tall or awkward loads.

Our lifting equipment can:

Lift loads of up to 2000kg directly from transport to gantry and off any floor level or roof.

This can save bulk breaking and double handling of loads and intermediate storage.

Coupled with its fast lifting speeds of up to 25 metres per minute it also saves loading and offloading time.

It can do the above in confined spaces and leave the area below free for general access when not in use.

Big E hoist service

Service – when hiring a Big E hoist or crane you can rest assured of a high level of reliability. All routine maintenance is included in the hire price.

Should you experience any operational issues we aim to be on site within 4 hours.

Electric chain hoist hire

We have a fleet of 1 to 3 tonne, 3 phase electric chain hoists for hire. Complete solutions with running beams and full installation.

Big E Cranes Ltd is an established business and has been supplying custom lifting solutions to the construction industry for over 40 years. Our unique beam hoists are an asset on all major projects and 9 times out of 10 will save the client both time and money. With a safe working load of 2000kg and a cantilevered extension of up to 2.5metres, our hoists will unload from transport to gantry 3 times faster than a chain hoist.